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Cliente del mes: Timothy

¡Este mes de mayo estamos celebrando a Timothy como cliente del mes! Felicitamos a Timothy por todo su esfuerzo y dedicación. Lee la entrevista que le hicimos y entérate de que tipo de movimiento Timothy considera como un estiramiento 🤣. Congrats Timothy!

How long have you been a member at NFIT STUDIO?

-Close to two years now!

What's your favorite part of being an athlete at NFIT STUDIO?

-Fun conversations with Marko make all the hard work go by fast!

Which services do you participate in?

-Private sessions.

How would you describe the community at NFIT Studio?

-Friendly people working hard towards their goals.

What advice would you give to someone feeling intimidated to start working out?

-When I first started training I could barely do a plank for more than a few seconds. Personal training gives you that accountability to make huge changes. I can plank like the best of them now!

Favorite music to sweat to:

-Whatever DJ Marko is feeling.

Music you don't like to sweat to:

-Country music 🤣

Favorite exercise:

-Ball slams!

Not-so-favorite exercise:

-Burpees (thank God Marko doesn’t make me do them)!

Any member who inspires and motivates you to be better?

-My beautiful wife 🤩

Favorite post-workout meal:

-Scrambled eggs with cheese!

Describe your athletic abilities in 5 words or less.

-Yawning counts as jaw stretches.

Give us a bit of your story - try to keep it short (could be about education, career, pets, family, hobbies, etc.).

-I'm an entrepreneur in the tech industry, having moved to PR from Boston in 2020. My wife and I share our lives with our sato, Birdie, and our cat, Chappy. We love exploring PR's vibrant restaurant scene and the island's breathtaking landscapes. The friendly people and fantastic weather make it easy to call this place home. I'm also passionate about mentoring local entrepreneurs, helping to nurture the next generation of PR's tech talent.

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